Postings for Fall and Winter Teaching

Job postings for T1 (Fall) and T2 (Winter) will begin on Wednesday, May 3rd, and will continue weekly thereafter.

The postings are online from about 8:30 am Wednesday until 4:30 pm the following Tuesday.

To find postings, go to  Click on Jobs.  Click on current opportunities.  Click on All Positions in the drop-down menu.  If it asks you whether you are presently employed, say No unless you are under contract.  Scroll down to the Advanced Search option.  Click Employment Category.  Check Sessional Lecturer positions in the drop down menu.  Click the Search icon (the little magnifying glass.)

Although courses should be posted well before the start of term, last-minute postings do occur, so make a habit of checking for new posts each week.

You can also submit an early application for courses offered by your department. It’s the same form, just tick the early application box at the top. List the courses you would like to teach, in order of preference, even if you are not certain the course is to be taught on a sessional basis. If the department decides to hire a sessional at the last minute, you’ve already applied! If you want to be considered for any and all courses offered by your department, include that statement on the application.