Applications for Employment

Current sessional lecturer postings are listed on the University of Saskatchewan’s Careers website (Click on the “Current Opportunities” tab. Despite the site’s prompt, you do not have to login in order to view the postings).

If you click on “apply” while viewing a particular posting, a downloadable application form, usable for either early or current applications, will appear. Postings are open for only one week starting on the Wednesday indicated. However, an early application can be filed in advance of any particular posting. An early application ensures priority consideration for any last minute postings or if you forget to track the actual postings.

For University of Saskatchewan employees, the current and early application for employment form is available online. You may need to need to enter your NSID and password in order to access this form. If you have not yet taught a course at the U of S, you can access a hard copy of the application for employment [MS Word, 73 kb.]. We encourage you to contact the department to which you wish to apply directly in order to introduce yourself and ask any question you may have regarding the position for which you are applying..

Always apply in writing to teach a course. If you are asked by your department to teach a course, always follow up with a written account to them of what and when you are willing to teach. Please note also that verbal offers likely are not legally binding on the employer, so make sure you get a letter of offer from the university in a timely manner. Applications to teach a course should be submitted to the academic department responsible for the course.


Right of First Refusal

A sessional lecturer who has taught the same course three times in the space of four years is usually eligible to request Right of First Refusal (ROFR). Right of First Refusal means that the applicant will be hired when the course is posted on a Sessional basis (unless another applicant has Right of First Refusal and more priority). Application for ROFR should be submitted to the Dean of the College in which the department resides. The Dean’s office then will consult the department. You can access the following forms online (click on “More” under “Find Forms and More”):

Right of first refusal expires if the course is not taught for two years.

The Department Priority List is accessible online (external link — NSID login required).