Academic Participation/Professional Development and Tuition Waiver Fund

CUPE 3287 members are encouraged to apply for professional development funds, including the Academic Participation/Professional Development fund and the Tuition Waiver fund.  Since July 2017 these funds have been combined and are administered directly by the Union.

Applications must be submitted electronically to, cc’d to

Fund Guidelines

The Winter 2024 competition deadline (Feb. 29) has passed, and applications are now closed. The next cycle of funding will begin in Fall 2024.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Sessional Lecturers have access to the Employee and Family Assistance Program, providing confidential counselling, legal support, and financial planning resources. Training Services provides online and instructor-led software training courses.

Health, Dental, and Life Insurance Benefits

Visit the University of Saskatchewan’s Human Resources website for information about funds and benefits available to sessional lecturers.

Benefits Summary

Please Note: Under our current benefits plan, health and dental benefits are provided during the term of your appointment only. (i.e., up to the last day of appointment indicated in your most recent letter of offer). You should bear this in mind, e.g., when filling prescriptions and when scheduling dental appointments or other procedures.

Employer Proposal Eligibility

University of Saskatchewan employees in-scope of CUPE 3287 who are not eligible under the University’s other benefits programs.

Commencement of Coverage

Effective September 1, 2016 coverage begins on the initial appointment date as stated in your letter of offer.

  1. Basic Life
  • Basic Life Insurance $30,000 during the course of the appointment(s)
  1. Dental
  • Dental Coverage – 100% of Basic Dental Coverage, member only, up to $2,000 per calendar year Basic Dental Services include:
  • Preventative Dental Procedures
    • Complete exam once every three benefit years
    • Recall exam once every five months, to a maximum of two exams per benefit year
    • Emergency or specific exams limited to two per benefit year per type of exam
    • Complete series of X-rays or one panorex once every three benefit years
    • Bitewing x-ray once every five months, to a maximum of two sets per benefit year
    • Radiograph to diagnose or examine progress
    • Required consultations with another dentist
    • Polishing/cleaning and topical fluoride treatment every five months, to a maximum of two per benefit year
    • Emergency or palliative services
    • Diagnostics tests and lab exams
    • Removal of impacted teeth and anesthesia
    • Space maintainers for primary teeth
    • Pit and fissure sealants
    • Oral hygiene instruction once per benefit year
  • Basic Procedures
    • Fillings:
      • Amalgam (silver)
      • Composite (white) on all teeth —  Acrylic (replaced by composite)
    • Removal of teeth (except impacted teeth)
    • Prefab metal restorations/crowns and repairs (not custom made) A prefabricated crown that is intended for long-term use (and not in conjunction with the placement of a permanent crown) would be eligible under the plan
    • Endodontics (root canal therapy/fillings, treat disease of pulp tissue)
    • Periodontics (treatment of bone and gum disease)
    • Surgery and related anesthesia (except removal of impacted teeth)
    • Repair of bridges or dentures
    • Rebase or reline denture
  • Pre-treatment Plan

If your dentist recommends any dental procedure that is expected to cost over $500 you should have your dentist complete a pre-treatment plan. Submit this plan to the insurer and you will be advised of the benefits payable for the course of treatment. Submitting a pre-treatment plan ensures that there are no misunderstandings about what reimbursement you will received for expensive courses of treatment.

  1. Health/Drug Coverage
  • Drug Coverage for you and your dependents -100% coverage for up to a maximum of $2,000 per person per calendar year subject to the drug formulary.
  • Direct pay drug card, with mandatory generic substitutions.
  1. Note: Termination of Coverage
  • Coverage will cease upon the end date of the appointment as stated in the letter of offer.