2021 Executive Board

If you have questions about our contract or need to report problems in your workplace, please contact us at cupe3287@gmail.com.

You can reach individual members of the Executive Board via the email addresses included below.

William Buschert 

Brian Zamulinski <vp.cupe3287@gmail.com>

Secretary Treasurer:
Jason Zorbas <treasurer.cupe3287@gmail.com>

Recording Secretary:
Eleni Arvanitis-Zorbas <secretary.cupe3287@gmail.com>

News & Communications Officer:
Jeffrey Klassen <news.cupe3287@gmail.com>

Parking Coordinator:
Roberta Campbell-Chudoba <cupe3287parking@gmail.com>

Members at Large:

Patrick Bulas
William Gulka
Jacob Semko
Eleanor Shia
Barbara Mills Wotherspoon


Lawrence Chang
Elaine Hulse
Yliana Baron Gavidia